Saturday, 25 April 2015

Technology is an Illusion

I see my clock ticking down two in the night and I'm stuck with my laptop chatting with my friend who is just a few kms away from my house. This is weird. I have a car and i can go right to his place in less than five minutes and have a chat with him the whole night but i never do/did that b'coz I'm a slave of this technology. 

My childhood was far better than this, at least I never felt lonely. I had a bunch of close friends always doing some silly stuff. They know me, I know them. But, now I have around Eight hundred friends on Facebook. None of them really know me. 

I miss those days playing football with my friends on Sunday mornings but things have changed. We play stick cricket and Fifa 15 in our IPad and mobiles. We are addicted to this more virtual world. I see kids walking into their rooms with their laptops and Ipad's closing their doors and jumping into this virtual world.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

With You - Officially Launched

Proud to be a published Author

Indian Readers can buy the book from :

Notion Press :
Amazon :

Readers from other countries have to wait a couple of weeks for the ebook version.

‘With you’ is a story of love, romance and suspense.

Manu is a medico from a reputed medical college. His life is going nowhere until he meets Janu, who sweeps him off his feet at the very first look. He is instantly attracted to her, befriends her and finally proposes to her. Janu accepts him and life is like a fairy tale until the day Janu’s parents come to know about their love. Finally, Janu’s parents insist on her severing the relationship.

After three years of painful separation, Manu sees Janu in the central plaza one day. Memories rise from the sands of his past and haunt him again. He swings between his past and present. Twist in the tale comes when Janu is hospitalized after a serious accident. Manu is shattered but fate has something more in store for him.

Will Janu survive? Will Manu finds the love he has been waiting for?

Brace yourself and get ready to enjoy an emotional roller coaster ride as you travel back and forth in time dissolving yourself in pure love…

Saturday, 20 December 2014

I Miss You

Hey Manu,
I just don't know how to start this letter. ‘I miss you’ Manu
How are you? I hope you moved on without me.
I’m sorry Manu. I'm a coward. I left you in the middle of our journey. I know it hurt you. But, here this separation is killing me every minute. I can't bear this burden in my heart and I don't have the courage to end my life.
Right at this moment, I want to hug you from behind. There’s something in those simple hugs that warms up my heart. Hugging you is like speaking thousand unspoken words.

The romantic daydreams that I’m dreaming of you have now become my new best friends. This is what I do every day, Just dream about you. I’m confused for how could I describe these tales that are so romantic. I’d love counting the days and hours that I’m spending in self-indulgent thoughts of our long romantic kisses and gazing into your love filled eyes. They always set my pulse to race.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Lustfull Love

Writer's Note : You are about to read content which is strictly for those who are 18 and above. Others please skip this post. As per indian law you still need to grow.

Dark and dark, in this lovely lonely night 
It’s the time, when I suspire for you sight
Starving for your touch,
A gentle nudge and thoughts running so wild

Wet green grass, sliver roots flashing that night
Trembling red lips, never ending dreamy eyes
Peaking euphoria and that’s it my imagination flies
Intertwined with love and lust, we’ll attain heights

Rekindling my lust, with your beauty might
Together we, are meant to find
Our lost love with full of lust, its depth and height
Singing my love in silence, off my teary eyes

Monday, 21 July 2014

An Unsent Letter

Writers Note : This part of my blog " an unsent letter " is totally a fictional one and is written while i was on an emotional roller-coaster. So i kindly request my readers not to brood on this article and any personal questions posed to me will not be answered. Your feedback is appreciated and it would be my pleasure if you can share your feeling down the line in my comment box.

Hi Dad,

I just don’t know how to start this letter.  May be, I’ll feel comfortable if I could open up myself and express to you all my thoughts that I have suppressed within myself since ages.

I’m lonely, disturbed, depressed, worried mixed with an emotional touch of love. I know this would be an abrupt start and I know that the introduction for this letter is too bad. I couldn't even phrase a single line to know your well being.

Dad, I haven’t forgotten all those special moments shared with you. But, I've completely lost myself in this part of my life where I left behind someone whom I can never get back in my life. I love her dad. Life’s changed a lot from the day she left me. I tried, but, can’t stop myself from falling deeper and deeper in love with her. Don’t know how I can live without her now and I don’t even know how I did all these years.

There were days we both walked along the lonely roads, days we had some silent talks, days we both missed each other like we had no tomorrow, days we kissed each other, days we hugged each other in such a way that even air couldn't separate us, days we quarreled, days we dreamt of our future and long romantic nights we spent talking over the phone. Each and every memory of her is still fresh in my heart as if all those happened yesterday. She left me with those memories and I’ll never forget them till my very last day.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Love In The Air

The long strings of late nights are coming to an end. I can finally feel her presence tomorrow.  I'm going to meet freak tomorrow. Yeah! Freak, that's how i call her. I had to catch the train by five in the morning, it's already two'o clock and I couldn't even sleep for the very thought of meeting her was driving me crazy. The excitement is running down my spine. I can hear all her confessions running through my head and I somehow without my awareness dosed off.

                You were the antidote that got me by
                          Something strong like a drug that got me high

I woke up to the sound of pouring rain and sliver roots flashing in the blackened background. It was already four and in no time i was ready heading to the railway in an auto rickshaw for a very hefty charge which hiked for one obvious reason 'Heavy rain'. The city is no stranger to flooding. Due to the heavy rain, the whole city was flooded with water. I could see water flowing like a river in almost every road that we crossed adding to my fear of missing my train. Thanks to the auto wala for driving me to the station as quick as possible. As soon as i got down from the auto i heard the announcement that the train is about to leave. I quickly ran with my travel bag on my back but i thought the auto wala deserved at least a hug apart from the hefty fee he demanded. Yeah! Absolutely and i ran back hugged him and thanked him. There was no time to check his feelings but, it's all because of him I’m able to reach the station, catch my train and meet my girl.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

For me, You're Perfect

Note : This is the girls version of the story and a continuation of my previous post. I request everyone to read the previous post @ That day to feel the awesomeness of this post.

'The perfect guy for an imperfect girl' This is all i could think of when my mom was speaking about him. No sooner i saw him at the restaurant, I had an intuition deep down my heart that he is the guy, The perfect match. Though i knew him, My mind forced me to message him. May be, I thought that would be better before i start a conversation sitting in front of him.

Then i took a deep breath. I felt a desperate need to pull myself together and go and say hello. I didn't know what going on in my head. I'm actually pushing myself  to move my  feet and finally i was there sitting in front of him. Though i felt uncomfortable, I at least tried to cultivate a polite, relaxed demeanor and a friendly smile. 

could sense his face was completely blank. He's handsome in his attire. White shirt with a blue jeans, a classic combination for any boy who is going to meet his girl." Hi, Janu "

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

That Day

I never believed in love at first sight, But I never thought I would one day fall for a girl at the first second i see her. That was a summer. Days are long, tiresome and boring. My parents are busy finding a perfect partner for this imperfect guy. So, finally they arranged a meet up with that so called perfect girl. I was asked to dress up in white shirt paired with denim jeans. Classic combination for a guy going to meet a girl for the first time. No sooner had i felt comfortable about my looks, I bolted of my bike towards the restaurant. That's where i was supposed to meet her. Thank god, My dad wouldn't be around to bother me.

I was to meet her in another half an hour. I was really nervous for the reason unknown to me. There were butterflies fluttering in my stomach. These moments I kept thinking of her and I find that it’s been ages that I have been waiting for her but; in reality it’s just been ten minutes. 

I was thinking of the moments after half an hour and I’m left with jitters down my spine. Just a small dose of her thoughts brings a chilled impulse in every corner of my heart. I tried my best to concentrate on the things round there in order to compose myself but in vain and the more I try, everything around started to disappear into oblivion n only her thoughts persist.

I felt as if I need some serious medication for my heart which raced to almost one hundred and forty three beats per minute. May be I think the only medication is her itself. 

While I was left with these bizarre of her thoughts, My Iphone buzzed and in a moment. I identify the gadget has brought her message to me. She was searching for me on the other side of the cafe. I hinted her as to where I am seated.

Few seconds later

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Yesterday was a lie

She has a yesterday, where each and every thing is a lie and she is the only naked truth standing alone in that sands of her past. Tears started to roll down from her beautiful eyes only to die on her rosy lips.

Seeing her crying, I remembered something that i had read some ages ago “ I always wanted to be that tear drop that is conceived in her heart, born from her eyes, live on her cheeks and die on her lips “

She is Lonely, disturbed, depressed and worried. I could see her sitting in a dark room. I could hear her silent cries. I hope one day she would know that I heard her crying out loud. Her head’s like a kite. Memories that slept deep and calm in the dungeons of her heart rose. Silence hugged her. Loneliness harassed her and time never healed her. She had many irrational voices going through her mind, planting ideas of killing herself.

I could barely see her face. She's like an angel who lost her address to the heaven and got trapped in this human domicile. Though her eyes were filled by sorrow, she looked so divine, a masterpiece art. I had a sudden urge to kiss her...