Tuesday, 18 March 2014

That Day

I never believed in love at first sight, But I never thought I would one day fall for a girl at the first second i see her. That was a summer. Days are long, tiresome and boring. My parents are busy finding a perfect partner for this imperfect guy. So, finally they arranged a meet up with that so called perfect girl. I was asked to dress up in white shirt paired with denim jeans. Classic combination for a guy going to meet a girl for the first time. No sooner had i felt comfortable about my looks, I bolted of my bike towards the restaurant. That's where i was supposed to meet her. Thank god, My dad wouldn't be around to bother me.

I was to meet her in another half an hour. I was really nervous for the reason unknown to me. There were butterflies fluttering in my stomach. These moments I kept thinking of her and I find that it’s been ages that I have been waiting for her but; in reality it’s just been ten minutes. 

I was thinking of the moments after half an hour and I’m left with jitters down my spine. Just a small dose of her thoughts brings a chilled impulse in every corner of my heart. I tried my best to concentrate on the things round there in order to compose myself but in vain and the more I try, everything around started to disappear into oblivion n only her thoughts persist.

I felt as if I need some serious medication for my heart which raced to almost one hundred and forty three beats per minute. May be I think the only medication is her itself. 

While I was left with these bizarre of her thoughts, My Iphone buzzed and in a moment. I identify the gadget has brought her message to me. She was searching for me on the other side of the cafe. I hinted her as to where I am seated.

Few seconds later

Oh my god! There she is!!! She made my day. I’m frozen unable to move an inch, stuck to my chair. I can’t believe my eyes; they are showing my girl the way I always dreamt of. She looked beyond beautiful. The co-ordination between my eyes and lips fail to sync. I remained dumbstruck. She swayed her hands in front of me to bring me back to the present. I noticed her bangles, the tinkling of her bangles was ringing in my ears. I was completely lost. With that magical touch of her smooth skin I was me again.
The beautiful red colored saree of hers glazed into my eyes. She was in front of me draped in a saree. I never expected this. I thought she would wear some thing casual, but saree is totally unexpected. Am I dreaming or is it the reality. She brought beauty to the otherwise plain saree. The six yards of plain un stitched cloth, the way it was wrapped around her in folds and turns. This ethnic attire though, I have seen several people put it on and it never seemed as magnificent as now. This antique cloth concealed and revealed both at the same time. I was mesmerized by the glow of her skin that was visible below her transparent saree and the way it slipped slowly down her small waist revealing part of her. My eyes stuck to its vision not wanting to move an inch away. Her waist was so thin that my eyes cannot behold it. For a moment I thought if it there or not. Wish I was the saree to get the chance to hug her. The Plating’s of her saree in the front looked extravagantly perfect. The curves of her were flawlessly visible raising my pulse. The Pallu was swinging even with the slightest of the breeze gave me heebie-jeebies. Whoever said has rightly quoted saree can make any woman superlatively beautiful. And now here is my already the most beautiful girl in saree. The exact skin-fit black blouse with a low-neck and mega sleeves is enough for her to pull anyone’s attraction and to a Majnu of hers, that is me, it is enough to go nuts for her.
The feminism of hers was exposed to the core in every minute detail of hers. The red and black conch bangles, the red round bindi and her other-wise hair were tightly braided. Her playful big jhumkas studded in stone, sport on her cheeks. Her beautifully carved neck-line adorned in red pearls. Everything seemed meticulously adorned to add elegance to her charm.
She was sitting in front of me, talking with me and I was such an idiot, I was completely lost in my own thoughts admiring her flawless beauty. I could notice each and everything moving in a slow motion. The curve of her nose, the slenderness of her waist and rosiness of her feet, everything was so beautiful. I for a second became an archaeologist exploring the hidden wonder of the world. The more I explore, the more I discovered. May be god must have been crazy to bring her down to this human domicile. Otherwise she would be an angel in heaven.
On her lips were the words half expressed. They were added with a light red lipstick which made my heart tempt for it. Her smile shines out from her lips unto her cheeks.
Her big eyes were lined by a streak of collyrium. I know they are the doors to her heart. They speak a lot. Her eyes intoxicated me. I wondered how one can talk with her by straight eye contact. Her eyelashes were the carpets of the doors of her heart. I wish to enter her heart at least in her dreams. Hope I’ll get a chance one day
On her forehead, shines the vermilion which added pleasantness in her face. The fair and lovely face of this maiden is shining in those golden colored lights that were left hanging from the roof of the cafe.
Waves of her charm flow out from her red colored nail polished fingers as if her beauty is about to pour on the earth. I could see her face being reflected in a glass studded ring that she wears. I just wondered how long my mind would dwell on incomparable beauty of my girl who is sitting in front of me looking straight into my eyes and making me intoxicated.
What should I offer her? I just couldn't figure out. I’m undone by the suspense of this thought.
At the end, while we were about to leave, I noticed her perfectly curved back, I thought It was as if meant for giving lessons to the one adept in architectural design. Such was her beauty. I was fully fascinated by her. I was now left with shortness of words. May be I should refer a dictionary if I can find some words to describe her ravishing beauty. 
Then some thing stuck my mind. The perfect girl for an imperfect guy. I fell in love. Love at first sight. 

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