Saturday, 5 April 2014

For me, You're Perfect

Note : This is the girls version of the story and a continuation of my previous post. I request everyone to read the previous post @ That day to feel the awesomeness of this post.

'The perfect guy for an imperfect girl' This is all i could think of when my mom was speaking about him. No sooner i saw him at the restaurant, I had an intuition deep down my heart that he is the guy, The perfect match. Though i knew him, My mind forced me to message him. May be, I thought that would be better before i start a conversation sitting in front of him.

Then i took a deep breath. I felt a desperate need to pull myself together and go and say hello. I didn't know what going on in my head. I'm actually pushing myself  to move my  feet and finally i was there sitting in front of him. Though i felt uncomfortable, I at least tried to cultivate a polite, relaxed demeanor and a friendly smile. 

could sense his face was completely blank. He's handsome in his attire. White shirt with a blue jeans, a classic combination for any boy who is going to meet his girl." Hi, Janu "

When he extended his hand, he looked confident. His palm is a bit rough and cold. His fingers tightened around mine in a warm grip and a shock of awareness went through. I wondered if he sensed how fast my heart was suddenly beating. I blushed. There's a few moments of silence between us. I glanced at him and he was looking at me with a kind of intensity in his eyes. He has magic in his eyes. O'God I'm falling for him. 

What is he thinking ? He doesn't talk much. May be, is he comparing the way i looked now to the way i looked in the pic that was sent by my mom, a couple of months before. On the other hand, Manu isn't exactly the same. he looked much better. Those magical small eyes, broad shoulders, black curly hair, cherished features and most of all a sense of that straight and confident looks that knock the doors of my heart every time i see him, overall he looked perfect for an imperfect girl. Still abrupt and with a warm smile he started the conversation. I felt more than comfortable in the conversation as we stuck the neutral topics like movies, books, music and so on. 

All the time i tried to avoid his eyes. i was thinking, thinking is he really the perfect guy for this imperfect girl. There's a lot of confusion occupied my mind. i never knew that one moment can shatter all that confusion and that moment arrived soon.

We were about to leave the restaurant. I was walking in front of him and my thoughts flying like a kite, They were so distracting. I'm for sure not in this world. Mean while, i stumbled on the edge of the carpet in the restaurant lobby. Immediately, i could feel his biceps around my hand and his arm around my waist

Okay ? he asked.

I looked at him to tell him i was fine, but the i became short of the words. He was so close that i saw light stubble on his jaw, the scar on his left eyebrow. He was so close that i caught the faint scent of his perfume. I finally managed to say I'm fine. But, the truth is i wasn't anywhere close to fine. For the first time in the whole evening i felt he is the perfect guy.

My eyes moved with lurch, my head followed his motion, until I found myself staring at him and my mind drifted through layers of questions that are troubling me since I met him a couple of hours before. I let his thoughts to overtake me, completely spreading my awareness. There was a drastic change in my opinion in just a moment. I started to wonder how that single moment cleared all my troubling thoughts and still i couldn't see his eyes but somehow I continued to speak to him.
A girl’s heart never easily allows to open up all these feelings in front of her guy. She always wants to check out how much more can a guy shower his love on her. I was just like any other girl. I don’t know if he had understood all my feelings when I keep mum. Nevertheless I’m feeling guilty that I should have expressed those feelings. By now, I know it made memorable moments of our lives.

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