Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Love In The Air

The long strings of late nights are coming to an end. I can finally feel her presence tomorrow.  I'm going to meet freak tomorrow. Yeah! Freak, that's how i call her. I had to catch the train by five in the morning, it's already two'o clock and I couldn't even sleep for the very thought of meeting her was driving me crazy. The excitement is running down my spine. I can hear all her confessions running through my head and I somehow without my awareness dosed off.

                You were the antidote that got me by
                          Something strong like a drug that got me high

I woke up to the sound of pouring rain and sliver roots flashing in the blackened background. It was already four and in no time i was ready heading to the railway in an auto rickshaw for a very hefty charge which hiked for one obvious reason 'Heavy rain'. The city is no stranger to flooding. Due to the heavy rain, the whole city was flooded with water. I could see water flowing like a river in almost every road that we crossed adding to my fear of missing my train. Thanks to the auto wala for driving me to the station as quick as possible. As soon as i got down from the auto i heard the announcement that the train is about to leave. I quickly ran with my travel bag on my back but i thought the auto wala deserved at least a hug apart from the hefty fee he demanded. Yeah! Absolutely and i ran back hugged him and thanked him. There was no time to check his feelings but, it's all because of him I’m able to reach the station, catch my train and meet my girl.

My heart raced along with me as i ran all the way from the auto stand to the fifth platform and i could see the train was already in motion. Thank god, there was someone standing at the door who pulled me up. I was totally drenched in rain. I sat down in my reserved seat and everyone in the compartment was still sleeping. I felt cold and the fact that i got my ticked booked in ac compartment of the train made me shiver. No sooner i felt comfortable with the blanket and rug that was provided by the attendant of the compartment, my thoughts drifted to my angel girl who might be sleeping without knowing all the troubles I’m passing just to meet her for a few hours.

I'm in love. She’s been my childhood friend with whom i often used to quarrel and literally we both are the epitome of Tom and Jerry. I could never forget those little fights that we fought all the way through our childhood. Those silly thoughts, little fights and those good old days, i have cemented all of them in my heart for eternity. During our childhood my father used to introduce her as his daughter in law to almost all of his friends, At that time i used to think will she be my girlfriend!, Have my father gone completely mad ? No way i would allow her to be my girlfriend but, today I’m the one who got caught in the deadly rain, completely scared by the flooded water, fully drenched, almost missed the train and now I’m here in the train shivering with cold and waiting to meet her. We never know what life has in store for us and when cupid throws his arrow and makes things happen is.

As my thoughts flying like a kite, I was brought back to the train by the ticket collector. I'm done with all his ticket inquiries. Uh, I never ever thought someday I’ll go and propose freak. Weird! I was fully excited and i never knew some of these feelings even existed before. Thinking about her, there was an adrenaline rush which was sending up a chill in me, sometimes shaking me up a bit, sometimes making me blush, and sometimes making me smile. Though my thoughts never stopped and the adrenaline rush is still at its peak, my body started to take its charge over me, It badly needed some rest, May be a good sleep.

let the sky be grey, let the sky be blue, Let it be Saturday night or Monday morning, All i do the whole day is just dream of you and I'm so mad dreaming of you, I want more than twenty four hours in a day and still I’ll not be satisfied.

I woke up with someone one calling my name and there was no one, ah it’s just a dream.  I checked my mobile. There were fifteen missed calls and three messages from freak. I almost had a mini heart attack that i missed the station. Had that happened, i would have been thrown out of the train by the ticket collector. Thank god I’m still in the train. I found out from my fellow passenger that it would take another forty five minutes to reach my place.

With Forty minutes of excitement mixed with a sharp rise of adrenaline levels, I reached the station and there I saw her from the window of my AC compartment. I skipped a beat. She is gorgeous in her attire reflecting her tranquility. All of a sudden I could sense a distant blur with her image not losing focus.  She completely swept me of my feet. Her eyes were big and her hair, a mop of wavy curls lay all the way on her shoulders. I felt I’m being trapped in those little curly tangles.  I could see her eyes were fanatically searching for me.  I’m still in the train watching all her actions. She immediately reached her mobile and dialed my number.  What am I waiting for? I have come all the way to see her and now I’m unable to move from the train. I was totally mesmerized by her beauty. I’m forced myself to take my bag and got down from the train.

She is still searching for me. Are you searching for me? I asked her trying to keep excitement in my voice to bare minimum.

She turned around. Her beautiful black eyes were now looking into my eyes. I could sense her happiness through them. The moment I saw her that close, there started an irresistible urge to hug her and kiss her. But what if she slaps me? Hmm no way she would do that.  We were standing there in the station totally unaware of the surroundings. We were brought back to the main land by the horn of the train.

She extended her hand to greet me. With a swift movement of my hand I laced my finger through her. They were very delicate and soft. She is driving me insane. It’s so stupid that the silliest thought of holding my girls hand is driving me insane. We were brought back to the main land by some silly gestures of her friends who came along with her to meet me. She introduced them. 

Few minutes later...

Freak and I were left alone in the restaurant. We were waiting for the food and in meantime I thought of proposing freak. I could see her bathed in the golden light of the restaurant.

Are you the daughter of Midas ? I asked her

She smiled from the corner of her lips. Its so bright and so sweet.

I could sense my heart beat rushing to more than hundred beats per minute. I could actually hear it. There was a rose flower in front of me and there could never be a perfect time for proposing a beautiful girl in front of you and in an environment which almost turned golden and light music playing in the background. Believe it or not guys. Every girls dreams of such a proposal. I stood up and took the red rose. I know she never expected it. I knelt down on my knees and proposed her.

Freak ! I dont know if i'm a bit crazy. I want you to be my girl for the rest of your life. I love you.

Everyone is looking at us. I could see tears in her eyes.

She took the flower and said  Is this a dream ?

I stood up " com'on freak, Dont i at least deserve a hug ?" My voice was light as i stretched out my arms beckoning a hug. She smiled and she threw her arms around my neck i gasped for breath. I could sense the smell of her perfume that made me intoxicating.

" I never want to let you go " I whispered in her ears

" Then I'll never leave you " She said as she smiled.

I just was unable to control myself. Emotions started playing their game. All of a sudden i kissed her gently holding her as if i never want to let her go.

Everyone there at the restaurant clapped and shouted at us wishing us a great life ahead.

Readers note : I dedicate this story to the most romantic and the best couple that i have ever seen Abhi and Freak. This is the real incident that had happened and freak finally accepted his proposal and from then Its just a fairy tale.  

With love, 

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