Monday, 29 September 2014

Lustfull Love

Writer's Note : You are about to read content which is strictly for those who are 18 and above. Others please skip this post. As per indian law you still need to grow.

Dark and dark, in this lovely lonely night 
It’s the time, when I suspire for you sight
Starving for your touch,
A gentle nudge and thoughts running so wild

Wet green grass, sliver roots flashing that night
Trembling red lips, never ending dreamy eyes
Peaking euphoria and that’s it my imagination flies
Intertwined with love and lust, we’ll attain heights

Rekindling my lust, with your beauty might
Together we, are meant to find
Our lost love with full of lust, its depth and height
Singing my love in silence, off my teary eyes

Your dark brown eyes holding my heart in a passionate frame
Embrace me tight, Kiss me hard, and whisper my name
A sweet and hot lustful love fuels the flame
Commit this crime, I’ll bear the blame

Play with me, my mind and awaken my soul
Fill my heart with the flame of lust, be my part
Include me from head to toe
to look every bit just like, a part of your soul...

Sweet nothings and hot somethings in my mind
Sounds of slapping skin in a silent rhyme
Let the animal inside you roar aloud with Sweat moaning chimes
I’m all yours in that lovely crime.

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