Saturday, 20 December 2014

I Miss You

Hey Manu,
I just don't know how to start this letter. ‘I miss you’ Manu
How are you? I hope you moved on without me.
I’m sorry Manu. I'm a coward. I left you in the middle of our journey. I know it hurt you. But, here this separation is killing me every minute. I can't bear this burden in my heart and I don't have the courage to end my life.
Right at this moment, I want to hug you from behind. There’s something in those simple hugs that warms up my heart. Hugging you is like speaking thousand unspoken words.

The romantic daydreams that I’m dreaming of you have now become my new best friends. This is what I do every day, Just dream about you. I’m confused for how could I describe these tales that are so romantic. I’d love counting the days and hours that I’m spending in self-indulgent thoughts of our long romantic kisses and gazing into your love filled eyes. They always set my pulse to race.

I miss you in such a way that your hand running through my hair is actually my hand. It is just too hard to stay away from you. I am usually okay, but at times like this (especially in the nights) it just becomes too much to bear. I couldn't stop thinking about you.
Life showed me two roads and I choose this one. I never expected this would be so hard to travel. It’s lonely and I could barely see anyone. Every day I shuffle down the deep valleys. I could only hear the echoes of my lonely cries which are scaring me. Did you ever hear them? Did you ever think of me? I walk with a hope that one day I would see you in this path but I always find myself in a world of hallucinations which confuse me with the ultimate truth.
I hope that this distance could eventually bring us together, with both of us loving more for all the time we spent apart. But, I know this won't happen. Why would you come back for this unlucky girl?
I’m carrying you and your thoughts with me that make you miss more than I could write. I can't wait for you to ask me to call you, it is now two in the night and I still hope to hear from you only to find myself devastated by the truth that you would never call me again, You would never come back for this unlucky girl.
I merely exist from day to night and I know I will become imprudent at times, thus the reason for this letter. Each moment lasts an hour and each hour lasts a day, just because you weren't here with me.
With thousand kisses,
Post Script: This Letter is a part of my upcoming novel 'With you'. This is a letter written by Janu to manu in my novel, Hope you enjoyed it.  If you appreciate the awesomeness of this post, please do comment and share on your social profiles

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