Saturday, 25 April 2015

Technology is an Illusion

I see my clock ticking down two in the night and I'm stuck with my laptop chatting with my friend who is just a few kms away from my house. This is weird. I have a car and i can go right to his place in less than five minutes and have a chat with him the whole night but i never do/did that b'coz I'm a slave of this technology. 

My childhood was far better than this, at least I never felt lonely. I had a bunch of close friends always doing some silly stuff. They know me, I know them. But, now I have around Eight hundred friends on Facebook. None of them really know me. 

I miss those days playing football with my friends on Sunday mornings but things have changed. We play stick cricket and Fifa 15 in our IPad and mobiles. We are addicted to this more virtual world. I see kids walking into their rooms with their laptops and Ipad's closing their doors and jumping into this virtual world.

There were days we used to watch our favorite cartoons with our friends laughing and cracking jokes. We used to roam around with our friends and today instead of that we are hanging out on Google and Skype. We completely forgot sharing our laughs with our friends. Masked with our technology, we message them with a lol and the truth is we really don't mean that. I used to wait for the postcards that my friend's used to write to me and when I got a letter from a postman i used to be excited. I now hardly see them coming and instead I look at my mobile screen for a Whatsapp message. 

Once upon a time we used to go round the city for buying the stuff and now we wait for a Flipkart order to arrive. We used to ask people all the way for finding an address and now we search the same address using a gps. We hardly look into someone’s eyes but we stare at our mobile screen all the day. Tell me how many of you guys stare at your mobile for every five to ten minutes even if you know that there won’t be anything new. 

When your dad gifts an Iphone, he is the best dad ever. But, the truth is that's the moment when we are leaving our relations in the real world and connecting to the more open world in a virtual network. We used to run all the way until our legs got tired. But, now we hardly move our ass from our rooms. We hardly see our friends knocking our door asking us out for playing. But now we get notifications asking us to play Farmville and crush candy. Seriously what the fuck is Farmville… A virtual farm… Does it gonna stop farmers from committing suicide. There no sand houses, no skipping, no real cricket or football, no hide and seek and no real world.

I remember those days when we used to play book cricket with our friends and when we used to play video games only on Sunday's and the most popular games were Mario, Super contra. For god sake I hardly remember someone requesting me to be their friend.  I still remember searching for the house of my crush roaming all the streets but now I'm searching Facebook.

We simply ended up as a bitches for this technology. What if all this technology vanishes. What if Steve jobs hadn't invented this iPhone and IPad? What if this Internet hadn't even existed? Thing would have been very different. How many of you are missing the life that I'm missing?

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